In her early years she woke up a special sensibility toward the shape, color and light, with his approach to the painting and the sculpture.

Years after she picks up all this experiences, she started getting all this knowledge in different techniques such as: oil painting with spatula and brush, acrylic and oil painting with textures. That’s how the passion in her was born and let her produce works rich in expressions, contents and forms, in which we can differentiate three different times:

  • Genesis:

Is the match with the forms and the colors, through images where faces acquire importance in the sacred expression of love, goodness, truth, tenderness and beauty: handle all this things in her oil paintings with colored layered in which the shade and the lights are looking for a balance, at this time in almost all her works it predominate the earth tones and gray.

  • The Lights:

In this year’s beatriz experiment with the lights and the colors getting away from the humans forms and searching the colors in the nature forms. That’s how the lights and shades appear and 1960 disappear leaving her mark prints with movements in her paintings. There are flowers, fruits and vegetation; in large foliage, trunks and petals. She captures with her brush the dance of life and the colors. By this way she transmit the strength of the Caribbean and south American exuberance of vegetation.

  • The Movement:

During this period, the human and nature forms disappear to make way for colors, light and texture. With strong and lively were hued reds, oranges and yellows making a contrast with the blue, purple and whites. Beatriz expresses the freedom she feel looking at the sea, getting in contact with the water, the wind and the nature. Her work is a palette of colors and light that woke up the sensibilities beyond the images.



  1. Book Titled “Twenty one” distribute in EEUU, Europe y Asia. 2014.
  1. Book Titled: “Artistas Vallecaucanos”. Autor and editor. Luz Stella Narváez. Cultural manager. First edition Nov 2013. Innoart production.


Full name: Beatriz Eleana Ocampo Montes

Artistic Name: Beatriz E. Ocampo

Date of birth: August 29, 1960

Birthplace: Cali, Valle, Colombia

Website: http: //